Sound Awareness 2018

Sound Awareness Introduction date for the Autumn to be confirmed...

There is music we like and music we don't like, there are sounds that make us melt and others that make us grit our teeth. Music and sounds are everywhere, but how does it really work? This course is for anyone who is drawn to sounds; it could be that you like to play or listen to music or that you for example like to figure out accents and dialects just by listening to people's voices.

The Sound Awareness Course gives you invaluable insights to how to really listen to music (there are at least 7 ways); how you can communicate better with people and the environment around you (yes, you can talk to plants!). Among many other things you will also learn how to deal with noise and how sound energies specifically can be used to benefit the physical body.
The 20th June is a trial introduction evening - for you to find out if this is for you or not.
Booking is essential, £18

"You don't have to have any musical background to benefit from the Sound Awareness Workshops. Fredrik Holm is a gifted guide and this course is unique and worth every penny. You won't want it to end. Without question, you will learn more about yourself and your own potential than you ever thought possible." Nicola

- Fredrik's Sound Awareness course has enabled me to reconnect with me. Through Fredrik's gentle and encouraging lead the group has built a close and creative friendship; this has meant that I can challenge and realign my assumptions; listening more closely to both others and importantly, to myself, Alice

- This is what education should be about - to find the 'you' in music, George

- I came to the course as a sceptic and found this was welcomed. During the well run course I gained understanding and empathy. I left the course enthusiastic and now keen for my wife to attend, James

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