Spring/Summer Program 2018
Workshops at The Storey, LA1 1TH, Lancaster

Sunday 22nd Apr (Pauline) Consultations and DNA clearings, 9am - 1pm
Saturday 19th May (Pauline) Consultations and DNA clearings, 9am - 4pm
Sunday 20th May (Pauline) Vibrate with colours, 10 am - 4pm
Sunday 10th June (Fredrik ) Learn to Dowse, 1pm - 3pm
Wednesday 20th June (Fredrik) Sound Awareness Introduction, 7pm - 9pm

Pauline Turner

This is Pauline Turner. She is an internationally renowned teacher and author of numerous books. She assists people to gain a better quality of life. Pauline will visit The Storey this year to offer a workshop in how to further use colour vibrations. She also offers one-to-one consultations and balancing of DNA memory (See below for more info or visit her website

Sunday 22nd April and Saturday 19th May
Clearing of inherited memories through the DNA and Consultations with Pauline
The memories we inherit through our DNA come from generations back and are not really of our personal making. Unfortunately they can affect us and we can often find ourselves in recurring situations which we try to break but which still have a habit of reappearing. When understanding takes place an individual can control these situations by using the tools offered to safely remove any adverse energies, or make a decision to keep the status quo. The process can only take place once for the mother and once for the father. Once understanding takes place, it is understood for all time.
DNA Clearings (1 Hour, £95) Consultations (1/2 hour £40)
Booking Essential.

Sunday 20th May, 10am-4pm, Workshop with Pauline
Vibrate with colour

Colour vibrations are extremely powerful both as a protective filter and as harmonising, balancing waves. The mind, body and spirit energies within a person need to be in harmony. There are seven main spectrums of colour which have an impact on the mind, body and spirit of all human beings. Discover how colour can benefit you, the people you interact with, and the environment. Find out how the vibrations from different colours can act as a balancing energy when applied in a way that is beneficial. At the same time learn what colour energy vibrations can be disturbing. This is so useful to know in advance of any possible event. Booking essential, £60
Sunday 10th June, 1pm-3pm


Learn Dowsing
Dowsing was traditionally used for finding water in the ground. This course takes dowsing much further and introduces ways to retrieve information quickly using special charts devised by Michael Mann and Pauline Turner. The course also introduces how the pendulum can be used to balance situations, clear adverse energies and provide shortcuts for you to use in your daily life. If you are drawn to this why not either contact Karin Olsson on 07947 480388 for a one to one session (£30 for 1 hour) or book yourself on this fun crash course. Sceptics, believers, beginners and experienced dowsers are all welcome. Booking essential, £18

Wednesday 20th June, 7pm - 9pm
Introducing Sound Awareness

There is music we like and music we don't like, there are sounds that make us melt and others that make us grit our teeth. Music and sounds are everywhere, but how does it really work? This course is for anyone who is drawn to sounds; it could be that you like to play or listen to music or that you for example like to figure out accents and dialects just by listening to people's voices.

The Sound Awareness Course gives you invaluable insights to how to really listen to music (there are at least 7 ways); how you can communicate better with people and the environment around you (yes, you can talk to plants!). Among many other things you will also learn how to deal with noise and how sound energies specifically can be used to benefit the physical body.
The 20th June is a trial introduction evening - for you to find out if this is for you or not.
Booking is essential, £18

"You don't have to have any musical background to benefit from the Sound Awareness Workshops. Fredrik Holm is a gifted guide and this course is unique and worth every penny. You won't want it to end. Without question, you will learn more about yourself and your own potential than you ever thought possible." Nicola

Here is a link to an article from the Westmoreland Gazette regarding Fredrik's first appearence as a conductor for the Westmorland Youth Orchestra from November 2017.

The Charity concert in december was also a great success that raised more than 500 for the organisation Project Trust


Here is a video from a Swedish chamber group who have put together a music performance for kindergarten children where Fredrik has produced most of their music.

A new album with solo bassoon music is now out. Fredrik Holm plays his own music, Swedish folk music and a partita by Bach. Here are two tracks from the CD.

A new almbum called The Sectret Room is now out. It is produced and performed by Haga Duo in Stockholm Sweden, based on music written by Fredrik. Click here to listen to a sample. CDs can be ordered through

From June this year. Haga trio (including Fredrik on Bassoon) performing "Awakening" in a church in Stockholm, Sweden

Here is a video from In Tune's and Noted's song "It's Time" performed by Mäster Olofskören just recently.

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